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All praises and honor to the Most High for bringing you to the knowledge of the TRUTH. It is by his will that you have been lead  to our page, and hopefully chose to join in helping to spread this knowledge to our people.

We understand that the truth may sometimes seem too good to be true, as the world we live in has kept us blinded by LIES and deceits.

[YES] We have been DESTROYED as a people.

[YES] we have been lied to about our identity.

However, we must stand strong in the FAITH and remember that in order to be redeemed we MUST come back to our true heritage, repent, and wait on our savior to bring us home.


Welcome & 



Our mission is to


Our main goal is to SPREAD this GOSPEL to the 12 lost and scattered tribes of the children of ISRAEL. 

(The so called "Negros")

Please join us in helping to SPREAD this TRUTH 

to our people.

 Be apart of the movement by downloading a *FREE* copy of our TRUE history to share with the lost sheep.

(We have been lied to for far too long, and will only be able to help our selves by choosing to stand up and

"help our selves"


More Knowledge and PROOF... for those of our people who are still a bit "skeptical" about our true nationality

Join the movement
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